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NOTICE: W.I.A. Has been changed to E.T.A.
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The Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma’s WIA Title I, Section 166 program’s purpose is to address the problems of Education, Training, and Employment of Native Americans within the designated service areas; the primary goal targeted on Employment. The division of Indian & Native American Programs (DINAP) regulations require that the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of OK’s WIA Program serve all Native Americans who are members of a Federally recognized tribe, and who reside within the eight (8) county service area.


Work Experience Employment & Training provides job opportunities, experience, and needed skills, and is designed to benefit both participant and the employer by providing short-term, temporary positions. Full-time, permanent employment with the employing work site is the objective for all Work Experience participants. Participants are placed with a profit or non-profit work site for a period of eight (8) weeks and will earn a comparable wage or a minimum hourly wage of $5.15 per hour for a forty (40) hour work week. The work site must submit a Job Request to receive a placement and consider hiring the participant following completion of the eight (8) week period through a Work Site Agreement.


Try-Out Employment & Training is designed to benefit both the participant and the employer by providing short-term, temporary employment to those who lack a significant work history and/or have little or no job skills, and to familiarize them with the world of work. Try-Out Employment in many ways is similar to Work Experience, with the exception that the employer does not have to consider hiring the participant. The work site must, however, submit a Job Request to receive a placement. The participant is placed with the work site for eight (8) weeks and will earn minimum wage per hour for a forty (40) hour work week.


Supplemental Youth Services employs Native American youth, ages 14-21, to increase their knowledge and awareness of local job opportunities by hands-on skills training and exposure to the world of employment. Unlike the Summer Youth Program, SYS can be structured to be operational throughout the year instead of summer months only. Year ‘round services are currently being offered.


Raising the educational/skill level is the primary goal of Classroom Training with emphasis on retraining those individuals who find there skills have become obsolete or unmarketable due to a shift in job trends as a result of economic changes. The service is provided to participants interested in attending a vocational technology center. The participant must be enrolled full-time, must be eligible to receive a PELL grant, must possess a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and must reside within the service area. A Basic Allowance Stipend is provided for attendance at the school based on the number of hours attended during each week. An hourly amount is paid for each hour of verified classroom attendance (hourly amounts are subject to change during the academic year, accordingly). Each participant must maintain a “C” grade point average and must attend 90% of the school year to continue to receive services.


Supportive Services is a one-time service offered for items such as uniform expense, small tools, gas vouchers, etc. for the participant who has sought and obtained unsubsidized full-time, permanent employment in a profit or non-profit organization. Supportive service provides needed assistance for participants to begin their employment, in most instances, before their first pay check is received.