The Tsitsitas-People of the Plains cover

Who are the Tsististas (Cheyenne)?

Where did they live before they were moved to Oklahoma in the late 1860s?

Allow children to discover for themselves how the Cheyenne lived hundreds of years ago. From the woodlands to the great plains, young historians are able to explore the life and times of this tribe through a Cheyenne point of view. This book is written in an easy-to-read text, and is full of illustrations that will help children learn about the everyday lives of the Cheyenne and how the arrival of non-Indians changed their way of life forever. Topics include: Animals, Cheyenne Words, Customs and Traditions, Legends, Traditional Clothing, Reservation Life, Shelters, Spirituality, Treaties, and Useful Plants.

(Recommended for 3rd Grade-6th grade)

Written by Funston Whiteman, Michael Bell,
and Vickie Leigh Krudwig
Illustrated by George Levi, Vernon Bullcoming,
and Vickie Leigh Krudewig

78 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9800850-3-7
Retail Price: $14.95