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Lisa Martin, Tribal Council Coordinator


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Office of Tribal Council
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The Office of Tribal Council is here to serve the Tribal Council, which is composed of all Members of the Tribe age eighteen and older. The Tribal Council has Constitutional powers which include:

  • Power to set policy for the Tribes
  • Exclusive power to approved the annual budget
  • Power to authorize the Governor to enter into treaties, compacts, or any contract
  • Power to establish its own rules of order

The Tribal Council expresses their powers through Annual and Special Tribal Council Meetings. Annual meeting is scheduled by the Constitution for the first Saturday in October. You can review the Tribal Council’s Rules of Order and Procedure for further information pertaining to calling of special meetings, submission of petitions and resolutions, and meeting process.


Election of Tribal Council Coordinator will be conducted at the Special Tribal Council meeting scheduled for 10 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 at the Concho Community Center in Concho, Okla.

Jane Tiger
Phyllis Naranjo
Clara Bushyhead
Vera Franklin
LaRenda Morgan