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Vision Statement for the Language Program


Our ancestors taught us the skills that enabled us to remain in existence today. Our two cultures, the Cheyenne and Arapaho are in our existence as long as we learn, teach, and internalize the traditions experience and “more true to life”, in the respective tribal languages. Language is the power and the primacy that makes us distinct from all other tribes and nations the world over.


We, the indigenous people of the western hemisphere, i.e., North America, cannot go back to the mother country to renew our culture and language, as do the eastern hemisphere nations/people. Our knowledge of our cultures today is all that we have and we must create and provide with respect every opportunity to live our cultures in today’s environment. We will provide a unified effort to pass on to our descendants the skills our ancestors as they did for us.


Mission Statement


We will use the skills taught to us to learn and survive in our environment today. Our service area and beyond must be reached by all possible means. We will provide opportunities to teach every tribal member our languages, histories, traditions. And through these experiences, each participant will have been given a chance to learn and grow with dignity and balance the true meaning of being a Cheyenne and/or and Arapaho. Various types of learning environments will be used to reach all tribal members.