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The Housing Authority

of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes


The Tribally Designated housing Entity shall use its financial, administrative and human resources to provide the tribal members and families of the C & A Tribes with opportunities to obtain affordable housing, to take part in community life and self governance, to build healthy family relationships and cultural values to participate in establishing standards of acceptable behavior in their communities, and to access a wide range of personal, educational, and economic opportunities. The TDHE will provide the conducive physical environment and appropriate management necessary to facilitate housing strategies and place as many families and members of the C & A Tribes as possible in safe, sanitary and comfortable housing.


The Housing Authority of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes was established in August of 1969. It is the longest surviving program that the tribes possess. The Housing Authority is chartered under the State of Oklahoma. It is comprised of five board members and an Executive Director of the Department. The program consists of the development of new homes for people on the waiting list. We also assist people with down payment assistance to purchase homes. We process applications for water and sewer assistance for homeowners and turn them over to the IHS program, Office of Environmental Health. There are (6) housing services provided by the department:

Home Ownership
Down Payment Assistance
Force Account Program (FA)
Housing Improvement Program (HIP)
Office of Environmental health (OEH)

Service areas:

Beckham, Blaine, Canadian, Custer, Dewey, Kingfisher, Major, Roger Mills, Washita, Woodward


Step One: Obtain and fill out The Mutual-Help Housing Application

Step Two: Submit the completed Mutual-Help Housing Application along with copies of CDIB, SS Card, Marriage License/Divorce Decree, Two Current Paystubs, IIM Accounting, SSI Income, SS Income or VA Income.

Step Three: Update your application every year to remain on the Waiting List.

The Cheyenne-Arapaho Housing Waiting List and Homeownership Program is a “first submitted – first served” program, with exception to policy provisions. Each application received in our office is date stamped when it was received and the time of receipt. When an applicant reaches the top of the Waiting List they will need to be employed, or have adequate income, to maintain the payments, utilities and upkeep of the home, plus provide all documents listed above, pass a criminal background check, meet the Median Income Guidelines set by HUD, pay a contribution fee of $1,000.00 and their first and last months rent.


• Completed application
• CDIB Card
• Social Security Card
• Marriage License/Divorce Decree
• Two Current Paystubs
• IIM Accounting
• SSI Income
• SS Income
• VA Income
• Criminal Background Check




Step One: Must be on the Cheyenne-Arapaho Housing Waiting List (no specific time length is required). Submit new application or update all information on current MH application.

Step Two: Obtain, fill out and submit the Down Payment Closing Cost Grant, and Application.

Step Three: Obtain DPA approval from CAHA , then find a lending institution to approve you for a home loan and a Real Estate Agent that will help you find a home to purchase.

Step Four: Set a closing date for your loan and submit a copy of the closing papers to the Housing Authority.

• Completed application
• CDIB Card
• Social Security Card
• Two Current Paystubs
• IIM Accounting
• SSI Income
• SS Income
• VA Income
• Meet HUD’s Median Income Guidelines
• Criminal Background Check

The purpose of this grant is to provide the opportunity of homeownership for tribal members that can qualify for financial funding from private sector lending or mortgage companies. The Cheyenne-Arapaho Housing Authority will assist eligible Cheyenne-Arapaho tribal members to secure a loan from another lending source, such as a bank or mortgage company, through the down payment/closing cost grant program. Tribal members over the age of fifty-five (55) will receive a $15,000.00 down payment, should they qualify, which will be paid to the mortgage company at the time of their closing. Tribal members under 55 will receive a $10,000.00 down payment, should they qualify, which will be paid to the mortgage company at the time of their closing.




We have our own construction managed units of Housing Authority, which we refer to as our “Force Account Program”. They remodel, repair and build the Housing Improvement (HIP) Homes. We sub-contract out all the technical repairs that have to do with mechanical and plumbing problems.


• This is worked ordered through the Housing Authority
• Projects or repairs are processed through this program




We have been operating the BIA funded Housing Improvement Program aka (HIP). The housing operates the program through a Legislative bill that gives us authorization to apply for Bureau of Indian Affairs funds. These funds build and renovate homes for the neediest of the needy Native Americans as defined in the BIA Housing Improvement Program regulations.


• Completed BIA HIP Program Application
• Point based assistance program
• Homes or repairs are at no cost to applicant
• Lien on unit for 20 years
• Must own property or home for assistance


This is a water and sewer program for any Native American family. You can apply for Water services which, include a water well or hooking up water lines. The sewer services include septic tanks, drain fields and sewer line hook ups. This program is located at the Housing Authority. The Indian Health Service provides the actual assistance and funding to complete the request.

• Income is not an eligibility requirement
• The application is sent to Indian Health Service
• Water and Sewer services only
• This service is at no cost to the family
• Must have ownership or permission to do work on property