For those applicants that have met the June 1st deadline to get the application started, you were allowed to simply turn in the application to notify the program of your intention to attend classes.  Now it is time to complete the application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding and there will be a deadline established to have your application complete.  You will be receiving a notification of items still needed (if any) to complete the application and of the deadline to do so.  Please do not wait until the last week to start turning items in.  That will not leave enough time to process the application.

Once your application is complete allow up to 2 weeks to determine award (if any). At that point an award or denial letter will be sent to you.  If awarded allow up to 1-3 additional weeks to process funding. In most instances the process does not take this long but be aware it may. Get your application complete and funding will be received earlier.  The longer the student waits to complete the application, the longer they wait to receive funding.

One of the main comments of the student at the start of the semester is they need their textbooks NOW!!!  That is completely understandable.  However in many of these instances the student did not complete their application in a timely manner.  The Higher Education staff will process the application as fast as possible but be aware under circumstances of just completed applications it is not the responsibility of the Higher Education Program to meet any immediate obligations (rent/deposit, vehicle repair, transportation to and from school, clothing) the student may have at the start of the semester. It is unrealistic to expect to turn in the application and receive funding within a week. Again, the faster the student completes the application the quicker funding will be processed.  Please plan accordingly.

Also please note that major changes in the student's application may result in a lengthy delay in the application process.  Examples of major changes include going from full-time to part-time status (and vice versa) and changing institutions.  In the case of changing institutions, a new Financial Needs Analysis will have to be completed by the new school and will result in a lengthy delay in the application process.  If you find yourself having to change schools then inform the Higher Education Office immediately.

Students will not be allowed to pick up their check.  All funds will be sent to the institution and their disbursement process will be followed.