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Lisa Liebl


April 27, 2012. The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes have declared a State of Emergency following the freezing of a bank account that contains the money the Tribes receive to provide essential governmental services. This is a result of First Bank and Trust in Clinton, Oklahoma freezing federal and state funds provided to the Tribes for it to administer essential governmental services. The Bank purportedly did this after continual threats of Michael Kodaseet and Leslie Wandrie-Harjo.

The funds that are frozen were to provide:

• shelter to homeless children;
• food, clothing, shelter assistance;
• children with a head start at education;
• foster care placement for children that are homeless and in need of aid.
• 24/7 emergency paramedic services;
• 24/7 “advanced pre-hospital services” with advanced level trained medics;
• 24/7 critical care transport;
• ground emergency medical service including first response and ambulatory service in western Oklahoma with the protocol to perform life saving techniques such as rapid sequence intubation as in the event of a heart, lung or liver failure;
• blood pressure monitoring services;
• blood sugar monitoring services;
• diabetic foot exams;
• medical equipment including diabetic supplies, wheelchairs, oxygen machines, and blood pressure monitors;
• transport persons to dialysis, cardiology, podiatry, urology, and chemotherapy appointments;
• critical live saving drugs including insulin, high blood pressure medication, antibiotics, hypertension medication, as well as cancer medication;
• home health care services to the disabled and bedridden;
• temporary shelters during emergencies;
• emergency response during disasters;
• firefighter services;
• investigate and provide child protective services for abused, neglected, or exploited children.

Ms. Harjo’s continuous, greedy quest for control and power has certainly gone too far this time, jeopardizing essential governmental services to both Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal members and non-members alike. She has even been criticized in recent IBIA administrative proceedings as having tried to defeat the provision of Home Improvement Program services just so the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes wouldn’t receive that funding, with no reasons or plans thereto. According to Governor Janice Prairie Chief-Boswell,

we are presently looking at all our options and will not take our eyes off the goal of getting the funds restored and the essential governmental services provided. Ms. Harjo can still do the right thing -- she can join with us to seek to have the Tribes’ funds unfrozen immediately.

Additionally, she said “we will hopefully achieve our goal in time. After all these are essential governmental services that our people rely on.”