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Election Commission

Contact Information:

Election Board Commission
P.O. BOX 89
Concho, OK 73022
Phone: 405-422-7619 or 405-422-7718
Toll-free: (800)247-4612 ext. 27619


Election Commissioners:

A1: Stephanie Meat

A2: Kimberly Davis

A3: Anthony Spottedwolf

A4: William Sankey

C1: Sandra Hinshaw

C2: Georgia Woods

C3: Tonita Little Raven

C4: Sarah Orange

The Voter Registration form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Due to a change in election service software the 2013 Official Election Commission is notifying the following individuals that their voter registration information is incomplete. If your name is listed below, please complete a new voter registration page which must be received by the Election Commission by August 15, 2013 and no later

Please be aware that if the the Election Commission does not receive an updated voter registration form from the following named individuals, it will preclude them from voting in the 2013 Primary and General Election. Voter Registration forms can be found http://www.c-a-tribes.org/ or if you have any questions please contact our office at (405) 422-7619.

Election Board