HOPE Assistance

HOPE Program

The HOPE Assistance Program will operate under the Department of Administration. Program Business Hours: Monday-Friday (unless weather restricted or holidays) 8:00AM-5:00PM. We are now open during lunch hour. We are able to assist 9 clients everyday. We see Extreme Medical all day. Types of Assistance available will fall into our four categories: Shelter, Food, Medical, and Transportation. Assistance may be in the form of monetary payments, vouchers or merchandise/service cards, and referrals to appropriate agencies. This program will focus on unmet need. If you have any other questions you can contact the HOPE Assistance Program Office.

Basic Requirements:
Enrolled adult member of Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Completed Application Documentation of crisis CDIB ( if you have not applied with us before)

Step by Step:

  1. Contact HOPE Assistance Program Receptionist to obtain information on the application and/or the process of your application. 
  2. Read and Complete each question on the application, please be sure to explain your crisis if the lines on the application is too small for your explanation you can write/type it out on another piece of paper.
  3. Return Completed application with all necessary documentation to the HOPE Office. This may be done the following ways: 
  • FAX 
  • MAIL
  • WALK IN (hand deliver)
  • E-MAIL

     4. When you have verified all documentation has been received, you may request an interview; excluding El Reno and Clinton, you may request a phone interview. Interviews may not be available upon demand.

Appeal Process
Anyone who has been denied services may submit a new application with proper documentation and write a statement requesting reconsideration and reason why (ask receptionist for appeal information). Appeals must be submitted two weeks from date of denial.


Administrative Assistant: Angel Saucedo
Email: asaucedo@c-a-tribes.org
HOPE office: 405-422-7580
HOPE fax: 405-422-8246

HOPE Assistance Forms and Applications