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Our Services:

The Community Health Representative Program (CHR) is funded by Indian Health Services. Our goal as Community Health Representatives is to provide a superior quality of life to valuable members of our Tribal community. The Community Health Representative program provide financial relief for dialysis patients, medically necessary transportation, make home visits, monitor homebound patients, perform health screening, pick-up and delivery of medications and generally assist in meeting the medical needs of the Tribal community.

The CHR office is located at Building 1 (former BIA Agency) in Concho.

700 Black Kettle Blvd
P.O. Box 167
Concho, OK 73022
1-800-687-0973 Toll Free
(405) 422-7670 Telephone
(405) 422-8241 Fax Line

The CHR Program has CHR generalists and a bus route driver providing services to Tribal members within the 9 county service area.

Program Services

Dialysis Mileage Reimbursement Program:
This component of our program provides mileage reimbursement to dialysis patients for travel to dialysis treatments. Eligible clients are reimbursed $0.25 per mile. Prospective clients must complete the application process before eligibility can be determined. Due to minimal funding available, reimbursement can only be claimed for dialysis treatment, not doctor’s appointments.

Transportation Services:
Transportation is available, upon request, to area Indian Health Service clinics. In addition, transportation is provided for IHS referrals outside the tribal service area. The CHR Transportation Policy prohibits our program from transporting to outside agencies other than IHS facilities or IHS referrals. Referrals may be faxed in.

CHRs are assigned weekly schedules ahead of time, therefore, we require a 5 day notification period. This will assist us in providing adequate transportation service.

Request for transportation is the client’s responsibility and can be made by contact the CHR office dispatcher. An IHS referral is required to all non-IHS facilities. All CHR services are assigned through the CHR dispatcher. The dispatcher will contact the CHR directly to relay your transportation request. Each CHR is required to confirm each transport request by telephone call or home visit.

Home Visits:
CHRs conduct Home Visits in their respective areas for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:
Surgery follow-up
Vitals Check (blood sugar/blood pressure)
Medication supplies check
To ensure that a person is obtaining regular health care

Health Screenings/Activity:
Health Screenings are held in nine areas on a quarterly basis (every 3 months). CHRs will conduct screenings for blood glucose and blood pressure; in addition, weight measurements and temperature checks are made. Cholesterol Screenings are available for high risk patients.

Medication Delivery:
CHR’s can pick-up and deliver medications for the elderly, handicap and disabled individuals. The patient will need to call in their pharmacy medication refills prior to requesting the CHR to pick-up.

Bus Route:
The CHR Program has a bus route providing transportation Clinton Indian Health Center. Should you need a bus schedule, please feel free to contact the CHR Program.

For Transportation or Home Visit Requests, please contact the CHR Program @ 1-800-687-0973.