Arapaho District 3
Patrick Spottedwolf, A3 Legislator
Work Cell: (405) 200-5186

Jodi Sankadota, Administrative Assistant
Work Cell: (580) 303-8577

Deanna Dorsett, Office Clerk
Work Cell: (405) 201-0729
Office: (405) 422-7597

Physical Address:
Annex Building, 100 Red Moon Circle
Suite# 236
Concho, OK 73022

Area Office: (580) 323-2423
Area Office Address:
Clinton Tribal Annex Building
Clinton, OK 73601

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 38
Concho, OK 73022

Article VI, Section 2(b)(iii). The District boundary for Cheyenne 3 and Arapaho 3, which includes Thomas, Deer Creek, Weatherford, and Clinton, shall begin at the intersection of the South Canadian River and the east line of Custer County, thence southerly along the east line of Custer and Washita Counties to the southeast corner of Washita County, thence westwardly along the south line of the Concho Agency area to a point six miles west of U.S. Highway 183, thence northerly along a line six miles west and parallel to U.S. Highway 183 to an intersection with the South Canadian River, thence eastwardly along the course of the South Canadian River to the place or point of beginning.