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In order to apply for aid the student will need to fill out an application and submit it along with a few other required items.  Below are a few links to some forms.  The first three are required.  The other two are for the student's benefit.  Click on the text in bold to get the appropriate form.

  3. FINANCIAL NEEDS ANALYSIS (FNA) FORM.  This is a bit confusing to some students.  The student is to fill out the top portion yourself and sign at the bottom, then submit the form to your school's financial office.  The financial aid officer completes the portion in the box with the necessary information.  Then they submit the form to our office.  You will need to have an unmet need in order to qualify for Bureau of Indian Affairs funding.
  4. CHECKLIST FOR HIGHER EDUCATION APPLICATION.  Not required.  This form is for your benefit. 
  5. FEDERAL AID GRANT DEADLINES.  For informational purposes only.  Not a required item. 

That is it for the form downloads and for the forms that the Deparment of Education provides. 

These next few items the student will have to gather themselves from the appropriate source and submit with their application. 

  1. PERSONAL LETTER — state information about yourself, the school you will attend and your major, why you need a grant, how you plan to use the funds, what degree you will obtain, objectives following graduation, etc. Address plans to attend a 4-year university or if you are attending a 2-year program.
  2. DEGREE PLAN — Can be copied from school catalog or picked up from your academic advisor at the institution you will be attending.
  3. CERTIFICATE OF DEGREE OF INDIAN BLOOD (CDIB) — A one-page CDIB (not a tribal ID card).
  4. OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT OR GED TEST SCORES AND DIPLOMA/CERTIFICATE.  For graduating high school students, you can submit an incomplete transcript but we will need the transcript with your final high school semester included.  Please submit your final high school transcript as soon as possible.
  5. OFFICIAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT.  Only for students continuing on the program.  High school seniors and first time applicants do not need to submit this.
  7. COMPLETE THE FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA) — Per the Tribe's contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, all student MUST apply for PELL grant.  Access the FAFSA website here.
  8. OFFICIAL CLASS SCHEDULE — on school letterhead or stamped by registrar.
  9. FOR STUDENT WISHING TO ATTEND SUMMER SESSION,  a LETTER FROM ADVISOR stating they must attend summer school to attain degree requirements and graduate at end of summer or in the fall semester.
  10. DEGREE EVALUATION FROM JUNIOR LEVEL APPLICANTS — senior-level applicants are also required to send a letter from their advisor listing anticipated date of graduation.